Rosemary is one of the most frequently used and loved aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean cuisine. It actually serves two purposes: to add aroma and also to act as a preservative. Furthermore, it can intensify and modify the flavor of olive oil, vinegar and salt. It accompanies beef, lamb, game and poultry, while it is also ideal with fried fish and fried liver. Of course, everyone is aware of the method of preparing the liver with rosemary, olive oil and vinegar, widely known as “sapore”. In Crete, rosemary is the main aromatic ingredient in the traditional fried snails dish (“chochli boubouristi”). It also adds flavor to fish, seafood, cheese sauces, omelets, fruit salads, spinach, soups, peas, etc. Its aroma greatly matches that of citrus fruits and is widely used in baking. Its flavor is bitter and dry with a strong aroma.