Oregano stands at the top of the Mediterranean diet; it is the emblem of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Oregano constitutes one of the most widely known and used aromatic herbs and is employed in many different cuisines.

It has a spicy flavor and can be easily combined with olive oil and lemon. In fact, many dishes both in Crete and in Greece are served or cooked with this simple sauce (olive oil, oregano, lemon), such as lamb with olive oil and oregano, baked potatoes, liver, fish, even fresh boiled zucchini. In many Cyclades and Dodecanese islands, oregano is traditionally sprinkled inside the belly of grilled fish to add aroma and flavor. It can accompany almost all dishes, such as soups, potatoes, omelets, meat, fish, beans, pasta, vegetables, dishes that contain tomato, etc. It is also delicious on pizzas and many different kinds of bread. It can also be combined with basil and other herbs.