Living among the secret ingredients of the Cretan Nature, two cousins or, “axades” to use the Cretan word, came across the idea to provide households with pure and traditional products of unique flavor, as they had come to know them in their village of Kyparissi, Heraklion.

That was the starting point. The “Iliostasio” Herbs are the offspring of the union between Earth, Wind and Sun, which has been the cause for the excellent quality of Cretan products for thousands of years.

They decided to name this project “Iliostasio”, which means “Solstice”, in the hopes of communicating the possibility of changing the times, as long as one is determined to work for it.

In 2012, they started the first experimental cultivations of aromatic plants and herbs.

Next year, they multiplied their land, while continuously introducing their scientific knowledge, love, and traditions that they carry from their childhood.

The construction of a small processing plant for herbs, has now allowed them to process the carefully selected quality aromatic plants using natural methods, and package them so that they can reach the consumer without losing their age-long heritage.

Finding the optimumsmell

Kostas and Giannis Fragkiadakis


Βότανα Iliostasio   Votana Iliostasio   Votana Iliostasio